Rare and Commendable


Terrawatt's Blake Reid owns a deep commitment to doing things right on both micro and macro levels. His desire to do right by the planet from an energy efficiency and environmental responsibility perspective provides the same motivation needed to help individual homeowners achieve their home energy goals. He employs a patient and compassionate approach to understanding the areas needing improvement, and his understanding of all current methods and technologies allows him to make suggestions for meeting those needs that are within the homeowner's budget.

At the same time, if a homeowner's decision to compromise on the plan for budgetary reasons will compromise their goal for comfort and efficiency, he stands firm and lets them know in no uncertain terms. This is rare and commendable. A contractor will often allow a homeowner to downgrade an efficiency plan so that they can maintain the contract for the work, with the end result being unsatisfying. Blake understands that energy efficiency is an investment with both monetary and quality of life returns, and when a homeowner becomes anxious about the initial investment, he is able to explain to them in simple terms what that investment will provide for years to come.

I was fortunate enough to have Blake give me an in depth tour of the Trumansburg Montessori School, which he designed. It is a model of how efficient, safe and ecologically smart home building can and should be. A great deal of thought was put into every detail of the structure so that it would provide a comfortable and safe place for children to learn in for many years to come.

Ask him for a walk through -- in my opinion, it is all the testimonial that Terrawatt needs.