You know what’s annoying?  Asking for help and getting a sales pitch.

Or getting the runaround.

Or being pressured to buy something you don’t need or want.

Terrawatt is here for one reason: to help you and your home get along.  I want you to be friends with your home.  I want you to like it, to be proud of it, and for it to be your refuge – not a source of stress.

I woke up to resource efficiency in the mid-’90s as a Peace Corps Volunteer in Zimbabwe.  An Agricultural Extension officer said to me, “Reid!  I have something for you!”  It was a “stoven,” a collection of metal parts that formed the skeleton of what’s now known as a rocket stove.

A rocket stove uses less wood – so children didn’t need to spend as much time gathering it.  That gave them more time for schoolwork and for play.

By using less wood, deforestation was slowed.

But best of all, cooking was cleaner.  The stoven not only didn’t produce much smoke, but exhausted everything through a chimney.  Houses didn’t fill up with smoke anymore.  This was my introduction to indoor air quality, and when I realized that houses can be cleaner, easier, healthier, smarter…and simpler.  That’s how our houses should work.  Make them more comfortable, and good things come along for the ride – like lower energy bills and healthier air.

Since then, I’ve worked for the most visited museum in the world, built a carbon-neutral one-room schoolhouse, visited more than thousand homes…and fixed hundreds.  If it can work for a mud hut in the African bush, it can work for you. Is your home next?  Are you tired of contractors who guess with your money?  See what I do, or call.  And know that it’ll be me that picks up the phone – with no sales, no runaround, and no pressure.  Except maybe on Halloween.  I love Halloween.

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