Pre-Solar Inspections


I don’t want to knock it.  Some of my best friends are solar installers.

And the truth is that it’s awesome.  The more solar, the better!  But I don’t think “solar” is The Solution, because it doesn’t work for everybody.

First, you need some roof space.  And that roof needs to be facing the right way.

If you don’t have the roof, you need some land.  Not everybody has that.  And then there are trees that might throw shadows on your panels…

What if you don’t have enough roof space?  So even after the PV modules go on, you still have that HELCO bill to look forward to every month?

If your PV system doesn’t cover 100% of your electricity use, you’re being generous…to HECO.  And they’ll keep putting the brakes on.

Pull out that HECO bill and get in touch.  We’ll go over it together and find ways to shrink it.

FULL DISCLOSURE: Every time I visit a house…I find things that should be done before “going solar.”  Every. Time.

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