Hot Hawaii Houses

Hawaii’s “mild climate” is a myth.

Global Climate Strike

Some people are inspiring, but I’m not inspiring anyone today.

Blower Door Testing in Hawaii

Good airtightness rules just came down the pike for houses in Hawaii.

The Solar Coaster

Top-secret stuff here.  Are you thinking about “solar?”  Strap in.

Your AC Doesn’t Work and Here’s Why

Hint: it’s probably not the AC’s fault.

Managing Mold and Humidity

When the mold doesn’t care what you think, it’s a problem.

The Trouble With Holes

The hidden holes in our houses wreak havoc.

The Truth About Air Cleaners

So many options for air cleaners.  Do they work?

What You Can Do About Vog

“Vog is a form of air pollution that results when sulfur dioxide (SO2) and other gases and particles emitted by an erupting volcano react with oxygen and moisture in the presence of sunlight. The word is a portmanteau of the words ‘volcanic,’ ‘smog,’ and ‘fog’…the Kilauea volcano, on the Island of Hawaiʻi (aka “The Big Island”), has been erupting continuously since January 3, 1983…Kilauea emits 2,000–4,000 tons of SO2 every day.” (Thank you, Wikipedia.)

The Math On Solar Hot Water In Hawaii

I see the ads. Go solar! Save up to 40%! I have friends. They say it’s cheap! It’s the most energy you can get from the sun! The government says it’s a good idea. Such a good idea that since 2010, Hawaii has REQUIRED a solar hot water (SHW) system on every new home built. (There is an exception for on-demand water heaters but that’s a topic for another day.)

My Award-Winning Feijoada Recipe

I entered this into a chili cook-off and won third place. It’s not even chili, but it won. It’s that good. I can’t really take credit for this recipe, because it’s the national dish of Brazil. For a reason.

Heating Houses in Hawaii (PT. 1)

I live on the wet side of Waimea, north of Mauna Kea. You know what “mauna kea” means, right? It means “white mountain.” You know why it’s white, right? Because it snows sometimes. Today’s news:
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Blake is fantastic — thoughtful, knowledgeable, and easy to communicate with. When our thirty-year-old boiler died, we contacted Blake for a broader look at our HVAC options going forward. He came over right away, and we had a therapeutic conversation about our needs and concerns, both now and in the … Read More

Werner Sun, Artist

After working with Blake for many months doing home energy audits, I can say he knows his stuff! He is thorough, has the client’s best interest in mind, is friendly, and when asked, can offer a teacher’s skill to explain the science behind what he sees at your place. He’s … Read More

Jeff Luoma

Blake is a motivated action-oriented wiz kid with just a touch of wise ass. (ed: we prefer “spunky.”) He clearly cares for our lived-in environment and has been a diligent carbon warrior for quite some time. He performs first-rate energy efficiency sleuthing and I’m proud to call him a fellow … Read More

Matt Redmond

Blake performed an energy audit for my in-laws as they evaluated whether to continue aging in their country home of 25 years. He could easily have sold them services they didn’t need. Instead, he pointed out immediate health-and-safety concerns that they could easily address on their own with a few … Read More


I’ve brought Blake in as a consultant on difficult jobs. He continues to impress me with his breadth of knowledge, excellent communication skills, and passion for building science. He’s been an asset to my business, and I highly recommend his services.

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I’ve known Blake for more than 30 years. I hate Blake. Blake is who I would be if I were smarter, better looking, and a hell of a lot more efficient. But I’m not and his silly business is too far away for me to hire him so I’m stuck … Read More


Terrawatt’s Blake Reid owns a deep commitment to doing things right on both micro and macro levels. His desire to do right by the planet from an energy efficiency and environmental responsibility perspective provides the same motivation needed to help individual homeowners achieve their home energy goals. He employs a … Read More


Blake is passionate, creative and driven when it comes to making homes more energy efficient, and an expert in the tangle of subsidies and incentives available to homeowners. He’s your man when you want to plug all leaks and holes and upgrade to efficient utilities without breaking the bank.When our … Read More


Blake is an excellent communicator. He is articulate, clear, present, and caring. He put together an outstanding team of contractors to replace my boiler, and he kept me informed and reassured throughout what was, for me, a very stressful time, given that I am a new homeowner and am spending … Read More


We worked with Blake as a consultant, providing third party advice on the type of boiler we should install based on our budget, climate, and desire for long term reliability. He was generous and patient with his time, helping us to think through our options and chose the quote from … Read More


The great room in the middle of our house has an 18-foot open-beam ceiling that has always collected more heat than expected, despite the excellent ventilation the room receives. Before consulting with Terrawatt, we installed an attic fan to pull heat from the upper great room into the attic, which … Read More

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