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The great room in the middle of our house has an 18-foot open-beam ceiling that has always collected more heat than expected, despite the excellent ventilation the room receives. Before consulting with Terrawatt, we installed an attic fan to pull heat from the upper great room into the attic, which would then flow outside through the attic vents. This helped a little but not nearly as much as expected.
We contacted Blake about a month ago. After a short site visit, he identified the problem immediately. Since there was no insulation between the attic walls and the upper half of the great room, some of the heat we had been forcing into the attic was actually making a roundtrip right back into the great room.
Blake recommended proper insulation on the attic walls which made an enormous difference and brought the temperature in the room down significantly. The installation took only a couple of days and was very reasonably priced, especially by Big Island standards.
Blake is friendly, professional, and helpful, despite having to work in the stifling heat of the attic. We would recommend Terrawatt’s services to anyone.

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