A Full Plate

It’s Thanksgiving in a couple of days.  It just snowed and the no-heat calls are going to come rolling in.

If your heating system poops out, call your installer/servicer.  When you purchase a large piece of equipment from a reputable source, they’re your first call.

If you want a new heating system, I can help.  I’ve done the homework for you and if you’re income-eligible, get you a grant to help pay for it.  It’s easy, I do all the paperwork for you.

But anyway, back to Thanksgiving.  I was reflecting on everything available to help make houses more efficient and healthier, so here’s a question:  What food do you associate with Thanksgiving?

Take a second.

Did you think “turkey?”

I’d bet real money that you did.  (For some of you, I would’ve lost that bet.  My second choice would be “mashed potatoes.”)

So here’s another question:  What thing do you associate with “efficiency?”  You don’t have to answer.

I meet a lot of people, and when they hear what I do, most people ask if I do solar panels.  The rest ask if I do windows.  (I don’t do windows.)  Solar panels are the “turkey” on your Thanksgiving plate.  Windows are the “mashed potatoes.”

But one thing I love about Thanksgiving is the sides.  The cranberry thing, the sweet potato thing, the salad thing, the Brussels sprouts, the stuffing (jeez, how could I forget the stuffing), the pies…

You have choices.  You could load up your plate with a lot of turkey and mashed potatoes, and be happy.  You could go straight to the sides, and be happy.  You could take a little of everything, and be happy.  There’s no “right” way to arrange your plate.

Now, vegetarians.  No turkey/solar panels for you.  That’s OK, there’re still plenty of options.  You won’t even miss the solar panels.

Before I take this analogy way too far, let’s be thankful for heating contractors.  When your heat goes out on a Saturday night and it’s freezing, and they show up to fix it…well, that’s why you work with reputable people.  It’s why they’re the only ones I work with.

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