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You Need a Bigly Dehumidifier (Pt. 2)

I don't want to belabor the point, but houses have evolved.

It used to be that houses were uninsulated and air-leaky.  They'd get wet, they'd dry out.  And energy was so cheap that we could afford to pump them full of heat to help them dry out.  It was kind of like putting your house in the dryer.

You Need a Bigly Dehumidifier (Pt. 1)

Pre-Spring is over and Second Winter is upon us.  For a bit there it was glorious.  Do you remember?  It was wet and squishy and muddy and dehumidifiers were kicking on all over the place.  The whole area got very wet very quickly.  And it's about to get real wet real quick - up to TWO FEET of wetness, some people are saying.

That's all going to melt, the the creeks will rush, the lakes will fill up, and it'll still be cold.  It'll be cold and damp.  Happens every year in Ithaca.

A Full Plate

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It's Thanksgiving in a couple of days.  It just snowed and the no-heat calls are going to come rolling in.

If your heating system poops out, call your installer/servicer.  When you purchase a large piece of equipment from a reputable source, they're your first call.

If you want a new heating system, I can help.  I've done the homework for you and if you're income-eligible, get you a grant to help pay for it.  It's easy, I do all the paperwork for you.

Do it right, or do it over

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I helped some people out recently.  Here's the story. 

New establishment, freshly built in the not-too-distant past.  Designed by an architect, engineered by engineers, and built by probably-not-the-low-bidder.  But definitely not the highest bidder.

It's a nice place, but businesses are in business to make money, and decisions start getting made.  The client wants a thing, the builder wants the business, the client wants to spend less money, the builder does what they can to meet the needs of the client.

Global Weirding

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Lately it seems like nobody knows what's going on with the world.

We agree on climate change, though, right?  Let's not re-hash that.  That's a global thing.  Locally, what does it mean?

I moved here nine years ago from the mid-Atlantic.  Everybody told me, "oooohhh, it's cold up there.  You're going to be really cold.  Hope you like the cold, ha ha!"  But you know what happened?  Right after I left, DC started getting hammered, every winter, with extreme snowfall.