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Staying Dry on Waimea's Wet Side

I live on the wet side of Waimea in a house that needs a lot of work.  When we moved here we brought a lot of art.  Our house isn't ready for me to hang it, and even if I did...you know it gets moldy here, right?  And I've got a half-dozen roof leaks.

The art is important.  Much of it was made by my wife's father, and it holds special meaning.  It would be a shame if the microbes ate it.

Bad Energy Code. Bad!

When I'm out with my family and we go by a jobsite, I slow down if I'm driving.  Everybody rolls their eyes and my son says, "what's wrong THIS time, Dad?"  The answer is usually "So many things."

Today I was on my own, which meant I could get out of the car and take a close look.  Was I snooping?  Heck yes.  This is what made me pull over.

What caught my eye was the foam.  It's only an inch thick.

"An inch of foam" isn't in itself a problem, but it gets worse.

You Need a Bigly Dehumidifier (Pt. 2)

I don't want to belabor the point, but houses have evolved.

It used to be that houses were uninsulated and air-leaky.  They'd get wet, they'd dry out.  And energy was so cheap that we could afford to pump them full of heat to help them dry out.  It was kind of like putting your house in the dryer.

You Need a Bigly Dehumidifier (Pt. 1)

Pre-Spring is over and Second Winter is upon us.  For a bit there it was glorious.  Do you remember?  It was wet and squishy and muddy and dehumidifiers were kicking on all over the place.  The whole area got very wet very quickly.  And it's about to get real wet real quick - up to TWO FEET of wetness, some people are saying.

That's all going to melt, the the creeks will rush, the lakes will fill up, and it'll still be cold.  It'll be cold and damp.  Happens every year in Ithaca.

RaterFest! Wrapup

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Went to a conference a few weeks ago.  Less of a "conference" and more of a "gathering," really.  I've been meaning to write this since then, but came back home and got swamped by actual work-work.  For one thing, a commercial builder called me in a panic for some rooftop duct insulation.  (Pro tip: never call a contractor in a panic.  We have to raise our prices to push your problem to the top of our list.  So...be cool.)

Global Weirding

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Lately it seems like nobody knows what's going on with the world.

We agree on climate change, though, right?  Let's not re-hash that.  That's a global thing.  Locally, what does it mean?

I moved here nine years ago from the mid-Atlantic.  Everybody told me, "oooohhh, it's cold up there.  You're going to be really cold.  Hope you like the cold, ha ha!"  But you know what happened?  Right after I left, DC started getting hammered, every winter, with extreme snowfall.